Mountain hiking in Uganda offers you beautiful scenes as you’re taking on established trails on the various mountains. Most of the mountain Climbing is done in protected areas like national parks but with other opportunities outside protected areas. Multi-day hiking tours in Uganda can be done in Rwenzori mountains park and Mt Elgon park. Those opting for a 1-day mountain hiking tour in Uganda can be done in Mgahinga national park on the Virunga volcanic mountains. Other locations throughout Uganda offer short hiking opportunities that take a couple of hours just like the Sipi falls.

The Rwenzori Mountain is one of Africa’s longest mountain ranges covering 70km long and 30 km wide. Rwenzori is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uganda. They form a natural border between Uganda and DR Congo with the very best peak being Margherita on Mt Stanley at 5109m and is snow-capped all year round. Most hikers find it challenging all them except that it offers great views and scenery than the 2 highest peaks in Africa. The trip takes anything from 6days to 8days or more for a slower hiker.

Mt Elgon is a volcanic mountain, hiking it provides opportunities to explore waterfalls and caves created by moving lava. It offers you an opportunity to explore different vegetation cover as you hike up the Afro-mountain rain forest. It is home to the world’s largest caldera and its highest peak is at Wagagai standing at 4,321m.

Mount Muhabura lies at 4127 m and is that the highest peak during this park. The name is translated to mean “The Guide” within the local language. The top features a clear lake about 36 m wide and provides panoramic views into Rwanda and Uganda with amazing photographic moments. The hike takes about 8 hours trip covering 12 km.

Mount Sabinyo lies at 3660 m with the second-highest peak within the park. The name translated from the local language ‘Old Man’s Teeth’, due to the rugged summit divided by deep gorges. A climb up the mountain to the height involves walking a ridge with striking drops into gorges in Rwanda and Uganda with the ultimate hike having ladders. Once at the highest you’ll be in Rwanda, DR Congo, and Uganda at an equivalent time. The journey takes about eight hours round-trip to hide the 14 km stretch.

Mount Gahinga highest point situated 3474 m above sea level. It is one of the 3 Virunga volcanic mountains in Uganda through the smallest. Mt. Gahinga got her name from the local language means “Small Pile of Rocks”. Hiking Gahinga takes approximately six hours, browsing through a pure Bamboo forest.


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